Lahiru Mudalige

The brain & think tank behind Hary Creations, Lahiru is a multi-talented young creative leader who is spearheading the company from front.

Hailing from blessed hill capital of the Island, Lahiru stepped into the world of entertainment as a Radio jockey at young age. His unforgettable work as a presenter in Swarnavahini, bringing life to programs such as ‘ Gee TV’, Hada radi Peya, Coffee with Lahiru & Muditha, Hithata Vadina Eka & Mega Star was embraced by the local audiences and recognized him as one of the most talented young Television personalities in the country. He was instrumental in revolutionizing the local Musical concert industry with his Hada Radi peya live shows across major cities and also extending them to countries around the world where Sri Lankans living abroad were given an opportunity to enjoy their favorite music live. Lahiru’s was featured in BBC world service radio in appreciation of his contribution to promoting local music and has organized concerts in countries such as UK, USA, Australia, Italy, Qatar, Dubai & Scotland and also hosted TV shows in Australian Channel Sky box & Chanel 31 London.

With his expertise and experience in the industry he ventured into creative production with Hary Creations giving life to a company that is dedicated and committed to creating work that reach beyond the boundaries of Sri Lanka, thus becoming one of the most respected Music video directors who is passionate about music and bring a new life to visual communication.

Our creative work in the Music Video industry, working with both senior artists and new comers have reached millions of local music lovers with a fresh and inspirational story telling. Over 800 Music video’s under our banner, we strive to create work that speak to the hearts and minds of people of every walks of life. The emotional & memorable story telling that we have created through our work has added a new dimension and new life to the songs.

Our work has been recognized and awarded through the years which is a clear indication of the impact we have made in the industry. We won the award for the Most popular Music Video at Derana Music Awards 2017 and the silver award for two consecutive years.


Under the main company we have diversified into two subsidiaries to venture into other areas of businesses in the entertainment industry.

  • Prime Digital – Mobile content creation
  • Idea Brothers – Digital media & Digital Concept creation.

We are one of the pioneers and leaders in the Digital Concept & Content providers in the country working with all the Telecom providers in Sri Lanka. We have worked tirelessly over the years as an innovative Digital service provider thus re-shaping the entertainment industry through Mobile communication.